ANIMA Risk Management K+F Nonprofit Kft.

Nowadays company processes become obsolete faster than before due to the rapid market changes that go with the increased number of the safety gaps. Also more and more new types of risk develop and their identification and management is difficult to carry out with the old methods.

The ANIMA Risk Management K+F Nonprofit Kft. research and development activities are order-based so we don’t do own R&D projects. Our group is a creative knowledge base that includes a heterogeneous expert group of psychologists, legal experts, security consultants and university researchers. We use our various knowledge and professional experience to elaborate innovative organizational and human risk methods. Our aim is to develop new, creative and easy maintain products and methods that are able to show inherent risks of the organization and able to analyze and reduce the risks.

  • Developing individual, integrated solutions: combination of technological and human security
  • Creating new upgraded, company-specific product/method/test package
  • Assistance of researchers, university teachers and partner companies