Our projects

Risk analysis by the city drivers

The aim of the project was to explore the human risks of the organization, within this to explore the risks that have influence to the city drivers and examine the relationship of these risk factors in the context of road safety. Based on the results we developed and made the validation of an innovative predictor that can be used in the selection processes, in the periodic tests and in the risk management.

Individual and organizational risk modeling

The aim of this research and development project was to elaborate a practice-oriented method that can define, follow-up and model the company's risk taking behavior and willingness based on the human resources’ risk; furthermore we aimed to the develop a software for supporting this methodology.

During the R&D project we explored the safety gaps of the company processes and we identified potential risks both in relation with human resources and both organizational processes.

Calculating the value of Human Resources

The ANIMA group conducted a research to continue development of the saabrücken formula- the first model that means a completely new approach to quantify the evolution of the human resources. This formula can briefly measure the financial value of a company’s employees – taking into consideration several aspects, like the amount spent for labor training or the decline of the knowledge.

The method is suitable to define the financial value of the human resources supplemented with risk factors. These values are very significant when managing the human safety competencies.