Research and development projects

The aim of the research and development project is to elaborate a new, innovative product, method or test package that meets the company’s needs and company’s strategic goals. Our expert team consists of legal experts, security consultants, university researchers, organizational psychologists, cognitive psychologists, trainers and a mathematician.

During the 20 year of existence we collected wide knowledge and experience in order to create innovative applications and also we have made researches in the topic of organizational and human security and risk.

We offer methodologically established, validated and reliable solutions for our customers, furthermore during the research and development projects we work with several Hungarian university researchers and teachers.

When to apply a R&D project:
  • if something does not go well in the company but you don’t know how to change it (and the change needs innovation)
  • if you want to improve an activity or process but you don’t know how to do it
  • if you want to develop, but you don’t know what and how
  • if you know what you want to develop, but you don’t have human resource for it
  • if you find it important that your company develop and remain competitive for long time